Staging Case Study: Does Staging Influence Selling Price?

Landscape before staging

What is the effect of fixing up a fixer-upper prior to selling?  A test case for this is now on the market in College View Estates, where three genial agents have been in charge of polishing the wooden floors, tidying up the breakfast nook, and setting off the Swedish stretch of glass in the dining room for a night of Campari and prawns.    Marisa Papitto, Cynthia Lingg, and Dustine Gallagher of Papitto Real Estate took on the challenge with the assistance of stager Colleen Lacombe of Infusion Home Design, who did the interior staging and Blue Rose Gardening who staged the landscape.  The results, if I don’t say so myself, are dramatic.  In terms of price, the home was specced originally in the upper three hundreds, and now, with the energy all concerned breathed into it, a bidding war led it into the upper fours.  And it’s worth it!  You can visit the house yourself at 5309 Redding Rd., San Diego, CA 92115.  You can reach Marisa Papitto at 619-993-1565.

Take a virtual tour of the interior of the house at

After staging the landscape