garden of surprises
   The idea behind this garden was to create a meandering path around a berm that would have fresh surprises with each turn. The garden starts off with a half circle that will eventually be shaded by an Acacia tortilis–that’s the iconic African acacia one sees against a sunset with the silhouette of a giraffe. Jon Wreschinsky, a landscape architect, and I made the long but wonderful journey out to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix to pick up a couple specimens of these trees. As I write, these trees are only about three feet tall, but they are beautiful.
   In any case, the meandering path starts off under the fictive shade of the acacia tortilis, makes its way to the dry stream bed, follows the stream bed and then veers off to a lookout rock.
   This garden is a great example of how gardens evolve. The last time I checked, all the sedums had mysteriously disappeared, but the garden doesn’t seem to miss them.